The Ultimate Guide to Project Closeout: How to Simplify Handoff in 7 Steps

The final days of a project have a huge impact on your project’s overall profitability and success—projects are remembered not by how they start, but how they finish. If something goes wrong at the end, your “perfect” project can easily turn into an absolute nightmare.

Yet managing closeout project is difficult. It takes careful planning throughout the lifespan of a project, excellent communication, and the right tools.

The right construction closeout plan is essential to properly and efficiently close out a project, so you can hand over the project to the client with confidence.

In this complete guide, we provide everything you need to know to simplify project handoff in 7 simple steps as well a comprehensive checklist to ensure your project stays on track.

• What construction closeout is
• Common closeout problems
• 7-step closeout plan

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