The Ultimate Workbook for Cloud Data Warehousing With Amazon Redshift

Data enables businesses to intelligently disrupt outdated competitive models to find new opportunities. The scale of data and the needed flexibility mean that cloud computing is the new normal. IT organizations increasingly rely on cloud data warehouses using Amazon Redshift to deliver the agility and efficiency their business stakeholders need.

Making the cloud transition requires expertise, and we’ve filled a workbook with practical advice for three common needs: Building a new cloud data warehouse, extending an on-premises data warehouse to Amazon Web Services, or fully migrating to Amazon Redshift.

Get Cloud Data Warehousing With Amazon Redshift to learn:

  • The strategic value of cloud data resources
  • The tactical advantages of automated data management
  • Three ways to leverage cloud data warehousing with Amazon Redshift

Use this workbook to bring the advantage of cloud to your business analytics challenges.

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