The value of OpenText™ Magellan™

Are you looking for an AI (artificial intelligence) solution to add machine-assisted decision-making at your organization? Confused by all the options? Why not consider Magellan, a flexible, AI-powered analytics platform that combines open-source machine learning with advanced analytics, powerful business intelligence (BI), and capacities to acquire, merge, manage, and analyze the Big Data and Big Content in your Enterprise Information Management systems.

Unlike other AI vendors, Magellan provides a pre-built platform, so customers don’t have to install or integrate a lot of separate components. This lets them focus immediately on what’s important: analyzing their data. And we don’t dictate where Magellan needs to live; implement it on-premises or in the cloud.

It’s based on open source technology that makes customizing and extending easier and offers a vast pool of technical expertise.

And most importantly, the algorithms customers create remain their own IP, not the vendor’s.

To learn more about the competitive advantage Magellan can give you, download this whitepaper, “The Value of Magellan.”

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