Thinking beyond, and before, the abandoned cart

Cart abandonment, digital advertising (especially when faced with ad-blocking software), and discrete digital stores are relics of the past when it comes to e-commerce. Consider this: How much revenue do you think $1 spent on digital advertising will generate in commerce sales? The answer: A bit more than twice the investment—an abysmally unprofitable equation for any company carrying physical inventory.

Clearly, these financial dynamics are not sustainable, even for the largest, most established online retailers. Sitecore offers a fundamentally different approach to digital commerce. We call it context-driven commerce and it’s based on three key rules of conversion:

1. Prospects engage with content that’s totally relevant to them at that exact point
2. Engaged prospects convert into customers
3. If you keep them engaged (i.e., when customers feel they’re getting a personalized, custom experience unique to them), companies and brands win customer loyalty

Download this white paper to understand how context-driven commerce works, how the Sitecore solution delivers context-driven commerce capabilities today, and the important business benefits that can be gained. It also includes an in-depth look at how a global beauty company shifted from a standalone web store to integrate commerce more organically into customers’ omnichannel experiences—a significant step toward the context-driven ideal.

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