Throughput Modelling and Fairness Issues in CSMA/CA Based Ad-Hoc Networks

Provided by: Rensselaer at Hartford
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
In this paper, the authors consider the throughput modelling and fairness provisioning in CSMA/CA based ad-hoc networks. The main contributions are: Firstly, a throughput model based on Markovian analysis is proposed for the CSMA/CA network with a general topology. Simulation investigations are presented to verify its performance. Secondly, fairness issues in CSMA/CA networks are discussed based on the throughput model. The origin of unfairness is explained and the trade-off between throughput and fairness is illustrated. Thirdly, throughput approximations based on local topology information are proposed and their performances are investigated. Fourthly, three different fairness metrics are presented and their distributed implementations, based on the throughput approximation, are proposed.

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