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Good time management strategies are essential for IT pros, who are often burdened with demanding deadlines and an avalanche of projects and tasks. This ebook includes a variety of ideas for reining in the chaos and managing your workload more effectively.

From the ebook:

Have you ever started the day with great ambitions and then realized at the end that you didn’t get anything done? It happens to everyone, but it happens to some people more often than others.

Time management allows you to have a higher degree of control over what you do in a day, week, or month. Time management skills can help you spend the hours you have on what is most important to you.

Organizational skills are easier for some people than others. For instance, all time management advice includes some form of writing down what you want to accomplish. For many people, this is easy and natural. Other people have difficulty creating lists and following through on them. It’s a left-brain/right-brain thing and has to do with whether your brain favors logic and structure or creative and unstructured thinking. Time management requires discipline. If you’re not prepared to be disciplined, you’re not going to be a very good manager of your own time.

1: Create a list of things to do each morning
If you don’t keep track of what you want to accomplish, you’re not going to have a chance at effective time management. Create a to-do list at the beginning of each day or at the end of the prior day. The list can include business and personal items and can be put on paper, your workstation, phone, etc. Refer to the list several times during the day. For example, if you have 10 minutes before a meeting, glance at your list. There might be an email you wanted to send that would take only 10 minutes. When you complete each item, check it off. If you’re like me, you derive satisfaction from being able to check off an item as complete.

2: Write down all follow-up items on your list
To keep track of new things that come up during the day, place them on your daily list. If your list is full and the activity can be completed tomorrow (or the next day), place it on your list for a day or two out. Have you ever wondered why people tell you they’ll do something and then don’t follow through? It’s because they don’t write it down. When I was a manager, I would often talk to people about work we needed to complete. I never trusted their memory. If they didn’t bring a pencil and paper, I gave them some so they could write down what needed to be done and the due date.
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