Tips for choosing the best VPN for your needs (free PDF)

When it comes to selecting a VPN provider, there’s no shortage of advice. But your particular needs may not conform to the standard recommendations. This ebook offers advice to help you make the right VPN decision based on your own priorities, your usage, and your location.

From the ebook:

The single most important initial aspect in choosing a VPN service is going to be the length of the trial period. This is sometimes a period where you’re allowed to use the service without being charged or the period of time where you can use the service and get a refund if you request it.

In any case, it’s the time period you have to get to know whether the service is right for you.

If you heed only one piece of advice in this article, heed this: Do not buy a VPN service until you’ve tested it completely and confirmed it meets your needs. The corollary to that tip is: Make sure you choose a VPN service with a long enough trial period to allow you to fully test the VPN you’re purchasing.

The only real way you can know if a VPN is right for you is for you to test it yourself. That’s why the trial period is so critical, and also why we tend to rate VPN services with longer trial periods higher when we recommend them.

All those numbers
When you look at any list of VPN services, you’ll often see numbers listed that describe the number of servers, IP addresses, locations, and countries. To some degree, you can use this information to gauge the scope of a VPN provider’s network. But the raw numbers might not be as important as you think.

If all you want to do when using your VPN is make sure fellow patrons of the local coffee shop can’t see your Wi-Fi traffic, the number of IP addresses a VPN provider offers doesn’t really matter.

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