Too Many Racks? Simplify with Bladesystem, HP's Advanced Blade Infrastructure

Provided by: HP US
Topic: Data Centers
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In the data center, many rack-mount servers perform well enough, but are reaching the point where they're proving difficult to maintain. The design of the rack is increasing the complexity of the data center, increasing the time it takes to get anything done, and reducing the overall efficiency of not only the IT professionals working there, but also of the gear. In this guide, we'll look at the design differences between blade systems and old school racks. Why should you have to fight with rows and rows of racks, when you can simply slide a blade in and out of a simple yet sophisticated enclosure?

CBS Interactive is proud to present "Too many racks? Simplify with BladeSystem, HP’s advanced blade infrastructure," a comprehensive resource guide about the newest technologies and data center architectures, designed to save you both time and money, while improving performance.

  • Explore the challenges of moving from racks to blades and learn solid answers for tough concerns.
  • Discover how, when done right, a blade-centric architecture is engineered so all the pieces work together.
  • Learn 27 dos and don’ts for migrating to your first BladeSystems that will help you succeed at getting started.
Don’t miss "Too many racks? Simplify with BladeSystem, HP’s advanced blade infrastructure." It’s quite amazing how much improvement you can see by simply reorganizing your data center around an advanced blade infrastructure. As you’ll see in this guide, blades -- particularly blades integrated into smart systems and robust enclosures -- are the future of the data center.

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