Top 20 Hyperconvergence Questions Answered

During the web explosion of the 90’s, the infrastructure with server-SAN and storage networks revolutionized IT departments and has been used ever since.

But now, in the era of cloud, 3-tier can no longer keep up with IT needs. It’s complex, unwieldy, doesn’t provide a firm foundation for DevOps, and can’t scale with the magnitude it used to. Plain and simple, it’s yesterday’s (or three decades ago’s) news.

Today, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) which consolidates compute, storage, networking, and
virtualization in one solution, is the infrastructure of choice for companies that want to stay competitive and ensure their datacenters are cloud-ready. Yet, the change feels difficult for some companies—and others just aren’t aware of what HCI is, what it does, and its benefits.

If you’re in the same boat as other IT teams grappling to understand HCI and its potential impact on
your datacenter, here are the top questions Nutanix has been asked about hyperconverged infrastructure over the years.

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