Top Threats to Cloud Computing: The Egregious 11

You’ve known for a long time that enhancing your security is critical as you move more workloads from the on-premises datacenter to the cloud. Many organizations are being proactive by reexamining their cloud security posture. Given the events of the last couple months, it’s a good time to resurface the Cloud Security Alliance’s (CSA) “Egregious 11” list of top vulnerabilities and threats.

This CSA’s 43-page report shines a light on the challenges security teams face, offers key takeaways from experts in the field, shares security guidance, and shows where CSA’s cloud control matrix, or CCM, provides coverage.

Gain insight into the “Egregious 11” list of security issues in the cloud and learn more about:

  • Key takeaways from cloud security experts
  • Domain-based security guidance
  • Cloud controls matrix (CCM) coverage

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