Total cost comparison summary in small to medium business scenarios: VMware vSphere vs. Microsoft Hyper-V

We designed our assumptions based on a small-to medium-business using 100 VMs. However, for businesses that grow and increase their virtual workloads over time, the potential for greater operational savings exists, as administrators are able to take advantage of cost-saving features of VMware vSphere at a greater scale. For example, in a separate report, we highlight the two-year operational savings of a 1,000 VM data center.

Managing a virtualized infrastructure that runs continuously inevitably requires some degree of maintenance from IT staff. Any time that can be saved when performing routine maintenance tasks through system automation and capable management features frees IT staff to concentrate on ways to help your business grow. In the scenarios we tested, using the VMware solution had the potential to reduce administrative labor costs by as much as 91 percent compared to using similar offerings from Microsoft.

When we added the expected operational efficiency cost savings to the hardware acquisition estimates provided by the VMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator, we found that the VMware solution could provide a lower total cost of ownership over two years compared to the Microsoft solution.

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