Toward of Garbage Collector Tools Based on Aspect-Oriented Computing

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Topic: Software
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The C++ programming language is the mostly used for its efficiency. C++ applications suffer from the lack of a Garbage Collector (GC) which has been acknowledged as one of their major defects. Indeed, in wide-enterprise information system, a GC can be a critical memory management process in programming languages such as the C++. The programmers need to be aware about memory management and can't be relieved from this task. This task is implemented explicitly whatever the size of C++ applications. Consequently, this leads to errors and bugs (i.e. dangling pointers, allocation failures, etc.). Therefore, supporting implicit memory management based of aspect-oriented programming can provide a number of benefits such as freeing the programmer of memory management task. Thus, the authors define aspects as software artefacts that address concerns such as memory management in C++ applications.
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