Towards Symmetric Multi-Threaded Optimistic Simulation Kernels

In this paper, the authors address the reshuffle of the design of optimistic simulation kernels in order to t multi-core/multiprocessor machines. This is done by providing a reference optimistic simulation architecture based on the symmetric multithreaded paradigm, where each simulation kernel instance is allowed to run a dynamically changing set of worker threads that share the whole load of LPs hosted by that kernel, and that can run both application-level event handlers and kernel-level housekeeping tasks. With this organization, CPU-cores can be dynamically reassigned to the different kernels depending on fluctuations of the workload, so to maximize productivity in an orthogonal manner with respect to traditional load balancing schemes, typically employed in the context of single-threaded simulation kernels.

Provided by: University of Rochester Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Jan 2013 Format: PDF

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