Towards the Improvement of Diagnostic Metrics Fault Diagnosis for DSL-Based IPTV Networks Using the R?nyi Entropy

Provided by: University of Port Harcourt
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
IPTV networks blindly rely on the adequate operation and management of the underlying infrastructure that in numerous cases is threaten by unexpected anomalous events which consequently cause QoS degradation to the end-user. Thus, it is of great importance to deploy techniques embodied with diagnostic and self-protection metrics for determining and predicting the arrival of such events in order to proactively charge defense mechanisms without the need of an exhaustive manual inspection by the network operator. In this paper, the authors propose and demonstrate the applicability of the R?nyi entropy as a useful diagnosis feature for explicitly characterizing DSL- level anomalies issued in an IPTV network of a large European ISP.

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