Trends and Impacts: The Changing Landscape of Cloud

Cloud computing is a technology very much in flux. Even though public, private, and SaaS cloud services have been popular for well over two years, many companies are still not fully clear on how to approach them. “Shadow IT” – where business units circumvent IT and sign up for their own cloud-based services – is still a problem in many organizations, and some risk-averse companies aren’t willing to trust any data or process to the cloud.

The problem isn’t a lack of security, but a lack of education and awareness of the impacts cloud computing has on the business process. Cloud providers need to demonstrate how their offerings integrate with legacy customer systems, how they keep client data secure, and how they maintain compliance with relevant industry and government regulations.

It’s clear that one size – or type – of cloud won’t fit all. But many enterprises are finding success by phasing cloud services into their operations judiciously while updating legacy systems to conform with new models, essentially creating a dynamic and hybrid IT environment. They’re taking a long-term view and working incrementally toward it, while keeping security at the top of their priority lists.

This Tech Roundup will prove to be a worthwhile and insightful resource for business readers and IT professionals alike. It’s packed with relevant articles from TechRepublic and ZDNet on the trends and impacts facing enterprises today: Cloud trends, security, integration, risk management, and more. You’ll find actionable insight in this roundup, plus several key takeaways to help guide your adoption of cloud technologies.

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