Ultra Encryption Standard (UES) Version-IV: New Symmetric Key Cryptosystem with Bit-Level Columnar Transposition and Reshuffling of Bits

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Applications
Topic: Security
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The present paper is an extension of the previous work of the authors i.e. UES version-II and III. Roy et al recently developed few efficient encryption methods such as UES version-I, Modified UES-I, UES version-II, UES version-III. Nath et al developed some methods such as TTJSA, TTSJA and DJMNA which are most suitable methods to encrypt password or any small message. The introduction of multiple feedbacks in TTJSA and TTSJA it was found that the methods were free from any brute force attack or differential attack or simple plain text attack. The authors proposed the present method i.e. Ultra Encryption Standard Version-IV. It is a Symmetric key Cryptosystem which includes multiple encryption, bit-wise reshuffling method and bit-wise columnar transposition method.

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