Understanding the Benefits of Windows 7 for Creating Efficient IT in Healthcare

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Topic: Security
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Security is more important in the healthcare setting than many other industries. Breaches of patient data can result in HIPAA violations and government investigations. Breaches of system security can cause breakdowns of equipment used to sustain life and patient health. Phishing expeditions can cause thousands or millions of dollars to be lost or stolen. Ever-growing concerns over hospital and patient security should place an emphasis on reducing huge security risks as a high priority.

Many healthcare providers are still running on Windows XP or other technology that is over a decade old. The current state of technology for hardware and operating systems has come a long way since then. The enormous security risks, the ever-increasing compatibility hassles, and the decreasing hardware support of Windows XP will be a constant drain on your time and could be extremely expensive, especially if you have to pay fines or appear in the national news as the result of a security breach. By contrast, Windows 7 provides unparalleled security, exceptional compatibility, can save your staff tremendous time each and every day – and is pleasant to use.

Running Windows 7 on Dell PCs can transform task management, improve overall productivity, and reduce both cost and stress. All of those benefits, in a healthcare setting, add up to better care.
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