Unlocking Long-Term Success in a Hybrid Work World

At the beginning of 2021, Dell Technologies launched their Remote Work Readiness Index Report – a study that sought to understand the factors important for long-term remote working, from the perspective of employees across seven markets in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ).

Dell Technologies learnt that while many employees expressed readiness for a long-term remote work arrangement, there are still concerns that need to be addressed. These include blurred boundaries between professional and personal lives, fears over job security due to limited interactions with employers, as well as distance between colleagues due to the lack of face-to-face interaction.

To investigate the critical role of organisations in designing a hybrid work future, Dell Technologies spoke to four distinguished experts from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and Japan. This paper gathers the insights into hybrid work cultures across APJ and narrow down key imperatives for employers looking to navigate the next hybrid workforce.

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