Use of a Hybrid of DTN Convergence Layer Adapters (CLAs) in Interplanetary Internet

Provided by: Lamar University
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Some work has been done with the DTN Convergence Layer Adapters (CLAs) such as TCP-based CLA (i.e., TCPCL), Lick-lider Transmission Protocol CLA (i.e., LTPCL) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP)-based CLA (i.e., UDPCL) in space communication, running as an individual protocol. Because each DTN CLA is designed for a different type of communication link, using any single CLA under BP is generally inefficient over a heterogeneous end-to-end interplanetary infrastructure. In this paper, the authors propose to use a hybrid of DTN CLAs for efficient file transmission in interplanetary environment, i.e., using one CLA for one hop of the end-to-end path and a different CLA for another hop of the path.

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