Use this simple letter of agreement for your quick consulting jobs

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Topic: Project Management
Format: WORD
Your smaller projects may not require a full-blown contract, but you should still get the arrangement in writing. A letter of agreement like this one will enable you to spell out the details you and the client have worked out.

When you prepare to engage in a long-term or complex project, you should protect your interests with a detailed written contract that specifies what you'll do as the consultant, what the client must give you, and provisions for getting your money if the project is stalled solely because the client isn't giving you the resources to complete it. But if the job is small and straightforward, a letter of agreement may be all you need.

This sample letter will help you spell out the essential aspects of the engagement without getting bogged down in minutiae. It allows you to outline details like:
  • Project summary, including any conditions or results you and the client have discussed.
  • Critical dates (project start and completion, invoice submission, payment due)
  • Agreed-upon payment
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