Using IT Automation to Deliver Modern Software

Information technology is racing ahead with a Moore’s law-like inexorability and compounding rate. While it’s impossible to know whats next, it is possible to get out of reactive mode and get ahead of the game. And that doesn’t mean simply focusing on practices like DevOps or technologies like cloud adoption and container stack selection.

Those are important advances, and they do move the ball forward, but like all trends, they’ll come and go. What we’re talking about here is a more foundational approach that puts you in a better position to take advantage not only of current developments, but any future innovations.

In this paper we’ll walk you through how to:

  • Future-proof your IT and software.
  • Set your team up to easily take advantage of future technology innovations.
  • Make your team more agile and adaptable, with more time for innovation.
  • Use abstraction and automation to help manage what you have now and easily integrate future technologies into your IT environment.
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