vCSIMx86: A Cache Simulation Framework for x86 Virtualization Hosts

Provided by: Stony Brook Computer Science Dept.
Topic: Virtualization
Format: PDF
Simulation offers many benefits of studying the cache behavior of modern chip-multiprocessor architectures. Most existing full system simulators, however, have difficulties in simulating a virtualized x86 host due to the lack of virtualization support or high runtime overhead caused by the complex pipelined CPU model. The authors propose a new framework to address these issues, called vCSIMx86, which enables full system simulation of the cache behavior of x86 virtualization hosts. vCSIMx86 splits the simulation process into two key steps - generating memory access traces and simulating the cache model. There are two main advantages of splitting the process: the ability to leverage existing system emulation and cache simulation tools and reducing the overall cache simulation time.

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