Veeam による仮想インフラストラクチャの導入とサービス レベル達成の推進 (ENG)

Application availability is the name of the game for IT organizations. IDC research has determined that
application downtime costs exceeding $100,000 per hour is the median, although that cost can run
substantially higher for some organizations. Consequently, organizations are willing to invest
considerable sums in availability solutions that avoid downtime and ensure smooth business
operations. So, while the cost of the availability solution is always a consideration when making IT
purchase and deployment decisions, our broader research consistently shows that purchase cost falls
down the list of important criteria when compared with achieving business objectives. Senior IT
leaders may take some heat for missing their budget, but they will be absolutely skewered for failing to
meet business requirements. Moreover, application availability requirements continue to become more
stringent. Recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) of under four hours
for business-critical applications is now the norm, with sub-one-hour RPO/RTO for mission-critical
applications not being unusual

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