Vehicle Assisted Data Delievery Technique to Control Data Dissemination in Vehicular AD – HOC Networks (VANETs)

Multi-hop data delivery through vehicular ad hoc networks is complicated by the fact that vehicular networks are highly mobile and frequently disconnected. To address this issue, the idea of helper node is opted, where a moving vehicles carries the packet until a new vehicle moves into its vicinity and forwards the packet. Different from existing helper node solution, use of the predicable vehicle mobility is made, which is limited by the traffic pattern and the road layout. Based on the existing traffic pattern, a vehicle can find the next road to forward packet; a vehicle can find the next road to forward the packet to reduce the delay. Several Vehicle-Assisted Date Delivery (VADD) protocol is proposed to forward the packet to the best road with the road with the lowest data delivery delay. Experiment results are used to evaluate the proposed solutions.

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research