Vendor comparison: Cloud-based integrated management services


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  • Published September 16, 2018
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Cloud computing systems provide a distinct and measurable competitive advantage, and implementing a successful transformation can reap significant long-term benefits for any enterprise. This download offers comprehensive guidelines and a vendor comparison tool designed to help companies—particularly SMBs—choose the best cloud-based integrated management system for their business.

From the guidelines:

The benefits of cloud computing services for business enterprises have been well documented. All manner of businesses, particularly of the Fortune 500 variety, have been taking advantage of cloud-based flexibility, scalability, and cost savings for years with great success and noteworthy satisfaction. Companies that have implemented cloud computing systems have gained a competitive advantage over businesses that have been slower to adopt this technology.

Many small to midsize businesses (SMBs) have also achieved a competitive advantage from cloud-based services, but the adoption rate in this cohort has been muted by an understandable level of uncertainty and a reluctance to fix what isn’t broken. To be sure, there are always risks involved when changing established business systems to something new. However, when thoroughly researched, properly vetted, and painstakingly planned for, implementing a successful cloud-based transformation can reap significant long-term benefits for just about any SMB.

These selection guidelines will help you establish what your business needs from a cloud-based integrated management system. Once you narrow your choices to a short list of potential vendors based on objective characteristics, you can vet those vendors on more subjective—yet equally important—criteria.

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