Verifiable Oblivious Storage

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Provided by: University of Mary Washington
Topic: Storage
Format: PDF
The authors formalize the notion of Verifiable Oblivious Storage (VOS), where a client outsources the storage of data to a server while ensuring data confidentiality, access pattern privacy, and integrity and freshness of data accesses. VOS generalizes the notion of Oblivious RAM (ORAM) in that it allows the server to perform computation, and also explicitly considers data integrity and freshness. They show that allowing server-side computation enables one to construct asymptotically more efficient VOS schemes whose bandwidth overhead cannot be matched by any ORAM scheme, due to a known lower bound by Goldreich and Ostrovsky. Specifically, for large block sizes they can construct a VOS scheme with constant bandwidth per query; further, answering queries requires only poly-logarithmic server computation.
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