Veritas NetBackupTM 5230 Appliance VS Build Your Own Media Server

Through history, appliances have played a key role in improving productivity, increasing the quality of life, and most importantly, saving money. Whether in the home or in the enterprise, appliances save time, and time is money!

Veritas NetBackup™ Appliances are no different in that they save organizations time and money. Whether reducing the time to deployment of a media server or streamlining backup administration, NetBackup Appliances eliminate the cumbersome and time-consuming task of building your own media server in five key areas: acquisition, installation and integration, administration, patch and upgrades, and support.

Compare how Veritas NetBackup™ 5230 Backup Appliance takes the complexity out of backup servers, eliminating the need to build and manage your own backup server(s). The Veritas integrated purpose-built backup appliances eliminate complexity and return your staff’s most valuable asset: time!

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