Virtual Desktops in the Cloud: Changing the Face of Desktop Security

Desktops, virtualization and security: To many, these three terms may seem mutually exclusive as they are by historical perspective and traditional consideration, in opposition to one another. Desktops offer individuality, personalization and are based on distributed users. Virtualization is associated with flexibility, mobility and cost effectiveness. Security is perceived as being inflexible, rigid and controlled. One has only to think of new and more effective business models, and they will quickly realize that virtual desktops offer immense benefits, can be deployed quickly, are cost effective, and in the case of a DaaS or Desktop as a Service offering, require no upfront capital expenditure. The added benefit of the virtual desktops is an ability to manage, protect, communicate and monitor with far greater security than the traditional desktop counterpart. Download this whitepaper to learn how VMware Horizon DaaS is enabling desktop security.

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