Voice of The Essential Manufacturing Worker

The manufacturing industry is the foundation upon which products are built, and provides us with our world’s infrastructure and the goods we use every day, from computers, to cars to beverages. It’s also an industry undergoing incredible change. Manufacturers face challenges from all angles, like import regulations, supply chain disruptions, workforce shortages, increased consumer demand, and more. These changes have a profound impact on operations, forcing manufacturing leaders to investigate new and innovative ways to successfully run their companies.
More importantly, these changes, and how manufacturing leaders negotiate them, can have a profound impact on manufacturing workers and their satisfaction with the jobs they do each day.

Epicor’s recent analysis of 600 manufacturing factory workers revealed key areas that impact their morale and job satisfaction, including how modern their workplace is, how much their company invests in technology, how sustainable their organisation is, and how well management listens to their employees. These findings outlined in this report, can help manufacturing leaders create a more satisfying work environment for their workers. It’s an opportunity to understand your teams across all levels, and to help you create initiatives that ensure growth, engagement, and satisfaction.

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