VoIPiggy: Implementation and Evaluation of a Mechanism to Boost Voice Capacity in 802.11WLANs

Supporting voice traffic in existing WLANs results extremely inefficient, given the large overheads of the protocol operation and the need to prioritize this traffic over, e.g., bulky transfers. In this paper, the authors propose a simple scheme to improve the efficiency of WLANs when voice traffic is present. The mechanism is based on piggybacking voice frames over the acknowledgments, which reduces both frame overheads and time spent in contentions. They evaluate its performance in a large-scale test-bed consisting of 33 commercial off-the-shelf devices. The experimental results show dramatic performance improvements in both voice-only and mixed voice-and-data scenarios.
Provided by: University Cadi Ayyad Topic: Mobility Date Added: Dec 2011 Format: PDF

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