VSlicer: Latency-Aware Virtual Machine Scheduling Via Differentiated-Frequency CPU Slicing

Recent advances in virtualization technologies have made it feasible to host multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) in the same physical host and even the same CPU core, with fair share of the physical resources among the VMs. However, as more VMs share the same core/CPU, the CPU access latency experienced by each VM increases substantially, which translates into longer I/O processing latency perceived by I/O- bound applications. To mitigate such impact while retaining the benefit of CPU sharing, the authors introduce a new class of VMs called Latency-Sensitive VMs (LSVMs), which achieve better performance for I/O-bound applications while maintaining the same resource share (and thus cost) as other CPU- sharing VMs.

Provided by: Purdue Federal Credit Union Topic: Cloud Date Added: Jan 2012 Format: PDF

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