Webinar: Erase email complexity when moving to the cloud

Provided by: Mimecast
Topic: Collaboration
Format: Videos
Cloud computing has led to a revolution in the way people work. The days of being tied to a desk PC are gone: many modern workers can remotely access the email, files and data they need. They are also bringing their own devices to work. Businesses are benefiting from moving into the cloud too, saving time and daily maintenance costs, especially when providing email via the cloud. But at what risk and what cost? With so many ways to access email and variables involved, hackers have more ways to cause disruption and there are far more opportunities for data loss. How can your business provide cloud-based email while maintaining the same levels of security and ensuring data is kept safe? Watch this free webinar from Mimecast to find out what is the shape of email and information security today, with Barry Gill, product marketing for Mimecast, and Nicolas Blank, Microsoft Certified Master and Exchange MVP, NB Consult.

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