Where are you on the path to a modernized data center – whitepaper

It’s no secret that speed is more important than ever in today’s digital economy. New technologies and heightened customer expectations are accelerating the pace of business. In a digitally connected world, businesses are under more pressure to differentiate by delivering superior experiences. These imperatives are putting additional demands on IT organizations .

To stay relevant, IT needs to up its game by accelerating development and delivery of applications that power faster time to market for the business. Technology teams also
need to provide options to enable their line-of-business clients and developers to use both private and public cloud resources. These options must be convenient, fast, and cost-effective, while allowing IT to maintain visibility, security, and governance over all company data and information.

Recent surveys of global enterprise and midsize organizations underscore these trends and so In this paper, we’ll explore research related to IT managers and practitioners, and their initiatives to modernize the data center for digital transformation.

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