White Paper: Frictionless Security – Protect your Entire IT Ecosystem from End User to Admins

We need to prove that we are in control of every aspect of authentication, authorization, access and administration. So no matter
how you need to control access, you need to know how to deploy them best for your organization and then have data and
logs at every juncture to manage by roles and permissions – including privileged access. When you’re in total control of your
identity practices from beginning to end, you can achieve governance – and prove compliance.

So, it’s possible to deliver a frictionless security environment and to enable all the right people to have the right access to the
right resources at the right time and be able to prove it. With this in place, IT managers and CISOs can stress less as their
organizations journey through their digital transformations, despite the increasing compressed gap between professional life and
personal life.

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