Whitepaper: Forbes Insights/Hitachi: How to Win At Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not just a buzzword of the day—it is also a real and critical issue that all companies must face. Digital transformation sits at the top of corporate agendas, according to a Forbes Insights-Hitachi survey of 573 top executives worldwide, as well as one-on-one conversations with industry leaders. Executives agree that the next two years will be critical, and half of those surveyed believe that their organizations will be vastly digitally transformed in this time. There is no choice—they either move forward full throttle with digital transformation or risk being replaced by the next hot startup.
Digital transformation is an “end-to-end” endeavor—not limited to technology—which requires changing the way companies and their employees think. Almost half of executives (45%) believe they are either advanced or leaders in digital transformation, but are their companies as digitally mature as they think?
This white paper investigates the state of play of digital transformation to uncover areas of where companies are strong, such as the focus on digital transformation as a strategic and investment priority and the importance of letting business outcomes drive the transformation. At the same time, there are still stumbling blocks that need to be removed. While data and analytics is considered an area of success, for too many companies the insights derived from it have not yet produced a vastly improved customer experience. Meanwhile, companies are also finding it hard to strike the right balance between technology and people as they tend to approach digital transformation with a siloed mind-set.
To learn where you stand and how to reap the benefits of digital transformation, read the full report here.

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