Whitepaper: Legal Compliance in Electronic Record Keeping

Provided by: Symantec Australia
Topic: Collaboration
Format: PDF
Your mail server can only retain so much of your email - if these volumes are not monitored, the server will slow down and over time run out of space. However Deleting emails means your organization is at risk because if it finds itself in a legal case it wouldn’t have the data required for eDiscovery and email compliance purposes - companies that fail to produce information in a timely or appropriate manner face the risk of paying millions of dollars in sanctions and fines, not to mention loss of corporate reputation, lost revenue and embarrassment.

In Australia there is now a complex framework of legislation regulating the retention of information for various purposes. It has never been more important to ensure that an organisation’s records are properly managed. It should be noted that emails form a significant part of what is described in this paper as an organisation’s “records”.
This paper summarises the Regulated Retention obligations of organisations and how proper record retention is essential in order to be Dispute-Ready.

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