Why GDPR is Nothing to Fear

GDPR has organizations scrambling to improve their existing network infrastructures to meet the new standards before the May 25, 2018 deadline.

That’s also created a huge market for technology vendors to rush in. Vendors have spilled industrial quantities of digital ink, posted webinars every 1.83 minutes and used scare tactics to frighten. Why is that? Primarily, the goal is to sell you something. If a vendor can cause a sense of panic, they can increase the probability that you will purchase one of their products.

Now, let’s be honest here: we have a solution for you, and we’re going to try and sell you something as well. No use lying about that.

But we’re going to take a different approach. The eBook you can get here is a look at the steps your organization can take – some philosophical, some technical – to prepare your network for the new regulations and fortify consumer trust. We will set aside the personnel and breach reporting, because we are looking at what you can do to ensure compliance and prevent data exposure and compromise from the very start. The methods are not new; they are the foundations of information security.

In essence: GDPR is a special instance of government regulations; you’ve seen this for decades. There is nothing to fear.

And now: a guide to exactly how to approach it all in advance of the deadline.

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