Why the Success of Your Cloud-based Business Depends on an AI-Enabled Cloud Platform

For cloud solution providers and Independent Software Vendors, the cloud is the lifeblood of your business.
While companies in other industries may leverage cloud benefits to run their business, for you, the cloud is your
business: the foundation for service delivery.

So, why are so many cloud solution providers building their businesses on shaky foundations? The truth is, when
your business is based in the cloud, you need more than on-demand leased compute and storage capacity. You
need a cloud that is enterprise-grade, secure, and resilient. Equally important—and overlooked by too many
cloud solution providers—you need a cloud platform that is able to grow your business into the future,
supporting next-generation functionality like Artificial Intelligence (AI). No matter what industries you serve with
your solutions, AI is already becoming a critical source of innovation and competitive differentiation.

In this paper, we look at how AI is transforming cloud solutions; and we provide tips for selecting a cloud service
partner that can support your AI-enabled future.

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