Wide Band Coding for Wireless Ad hoc Network With CTS-RTS Protocol Updating

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Networks and Wireless Communications (IJCNWC)
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Enabling wideband-based solutions for MANET's results in high throughput solution. But with the usage of using wide-band based solutions have various challenges, which are essentially related to the absence of centralized control i.e., a base station. First, a code assignment protocol is needed to assign distinct codes to different terminals. This problem is trivial in small networks, but becomes dominative in large networks where the numbers of PN codes are lesser than the number of terminals, necessitating spatial reuse of the PN codes. Unlike previously proposed protocols in this paper a Multiple Access Interference (MAI) reduction, with the addressing limiting of near-far problem that undermines the throughput performance in MANETs is been proposed.

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