Will Your Data Benefit from a Cloud Consumption Model?

On-Demand Strategies Align Spending with Business Needs,Both On-Premises and in the Cloud.

With the advent of cloud computing, IT leaders are faced with a variety of new options for deploying and consuming IT resources. What used to be a relatively straightforward lease or buy decision for servers, storage, and networking gear has expanded to include considerations such as:

  • Pay-as-you-go service offerings that you can purchase in increments ranging from minutes to hours
  • Subscription services that enable flexible scale and procurement, but also require longerterm commitments lower per-unit pricing and reserved resources
  • On-demand agreements that enable you to deploy on-premises hardware using an operating expenditure (opex) model

This eBook examines some of the reasons for moving to a consumption model for IT and reviews the three types of NetApp storage offerings that can be purchased using this type of model: cloud data services, cloud connected storage, and on-demand storage services that run on hardware and software deployed within your own facilities.

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