Windows 10 Start menu hacks


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  • Published March 9, 2020
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The Windows 10 Start menu: We love it, but it doesn’t always return the love.

Microsoft killed off the Start menu in Windows 8, only to bring it back in Windows 10 following many user laments. However, it hasn’t been a rosy reconciliation. The Windows 10 Start menu has been plagued with issues since its 2014 relaunch.

Hopefully, the Start menu’s issues are a thing of the past, and users can return to loving this comeback feature.

The following Windows 10 Start menu tips ebook from TechRepublic Premium will help simplify a user’s experience and make them love the Start menu even more than they may already.

In the ebook:

  • The Start menu gets streamlined in Windows 10 build 14942
  • Manipulating Windows 10’s Start Menu
  • How to customize the Windows 10 Start menu with numbered shortcuts
  • How to use Open Shell as your Windows 10 Start menu
  • How to customize the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Start menu using the “Pare It Down” technique
  • How to use the new Show App List In Start Menu feature in Windows 10 Creators Update
  • How to bypass the Windows 10 Start menu with virtual program groups
  • Windows 10 tip: Add custom shortcuts to the Start menu
  • Windows 10 tip: Pin your favorite folders to the Start menu
  • And more!

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