Windows, Redone Right

There is no universal replacement window. Successful window replacement projects require careful consideration of the overall impact new windows will have on the facility. Without a look at the big picture, replacement windows may fail to fully meet all facility needs or create more problems than they solve. Four major elements must be considered: energy, maintenance, security and aesthetics. The most common reason for replacing windows is to improve energy performance. Facility executives have many options for improving window energy performance. They can choose insulated, low-e, spectrally selective or reflective glazings. Reflective or spectrally selective films can also be applied to existing windows. Maintenance factors are often overlooked when evaluating window replacement projects, even though window maintenance costs often equal or exceed energy costs. There are two major maintenance costs associated with windows: painting and cleaning. Other costs include caulking and general repairs, but these typically are small in comparison to painting and cleaning. The number of options available for window replacements or upgrades makes it important for facility executives to plan carefully.

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