WLAN Multiband Carpet Fractal Geometrie Antenna for 5 to 9 Ghz

Provided by: International Journal Of Electronics,Communication And Soft Computing Science &Engineering (IJECSCSE)
Topic: Networking
Format: PDF
Modern communication system require antenna with wider bandwidth, smaller dimension, high gain and high efficiency. Various antennas for wide band operation have been studied for communication and radar system. The use of fractal geometry in designing antenna has been a recent topic of interest. Fractal antenna is preferred due to small size, light weight and easy installation. The proposed antenna has been simulated and optimized using IE3D Simulator to cover standard frequency bands like UWB at (6GHz,9.061GHz), ISM/WLAN/Bluetooth band (operating freuencuies:2.32GHz), WiMAX (3.4- 3.69)GHz, operating frequencies: 3.54GHz), HiperLan4(8.5) communication.

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