Workforce Transformation: Challenges, Risks and Opportunities

Rapid shifts in globalization, demographics, work styles and work sourcing are transforming how companies manage their businesses. These changes also include the shifting demographics or makeup of employees (i.e., the shift to more contractors/gig workers); the change in after-hours availability and schedule flexibility; globalization of the workforce; the reduction in average worker tenure; changes in the technologies used to support the workforce, including cloud and mobile computing; the use of BYOD; and the growth of the non human workforce (e.g., machine learning, AI, robotic process automation [RPA]).

This evolution, in a movement defined as workforce transformation, also opens up new vectors of risk and potential threats and attacks. SANS conducted a survey that examines the current state of workforce transformation, including workforce trends, how organizations are supporting these trends, the associated risks and how those risks are managed.

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