Working from home: Success tips for telecommuters (free PDF)

Telecommuting arrangements can benefit both the business and the work-at-home employee. But as with any working situation, there are some best practices—along with a few pitfalls to avoid. This ebook offers advice from those who have learned how to telecommute successfully.

From the ebook:

I’ve been working at home for a long time and I’ve adjusted my setup over the years to the one I have today. These adjustments have been aimed at helping me get the most done with the fewest distractions, while helping me avoid the isolation that working outside a corporate office can create.

Create a defined home office space
One problem with working at home is the fact that that’s where you live. That sounds obvious but I regularly run into other home workers who admit that they’re working all the time. A common factor is that they have their desk/office in a part of the house that is a high traffic area. Their families are constantly interrupting them during the day.

This steals focus away from the work tasks at hand and is a terrible thing to do. It’s no different from bringing your kids to your cubicle at work every day. You wouldn’t do that and you shouldn’t do that at your home office.

If possible, create an office space at home that is clearly defined and away from the daily trappings of home life. The family should understand that when you are in your office, you are not to be disturbed. Explain to the kids that when Mom or Dad is in the office, they are to treat it as if you are working in an office outside the home.

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