You'll be Judged by Your Voice

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Topic: Software
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From its earliest days, the Net has been home to a rich variety of voices. Never before have regular people had the means to communicate their views to such a large and diverse audience. The technology of the net allowed anyone and everyone to publish their views. From Usenet, to The Well, to a choice of thousands of discussion lists and groups - millions of people discovered the joys of raising their voices online. The voices that attracted the widest or most attentive audiences did so not by being loud, but by being interesting, and even being interesting wasn't enough. Inspite of so much facilities, even today, companies online still don't get it. They still write their online text in the slick, corporate style of offline writing. The text of ecommerce has no character, no humanity, no recognizable voice. Thus, it would be better for the organisation to have full use of voice in their work.

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