Your Guide to Modern Dev/Test

Agile development and the cloud have brought a new set of expectations, and a new horizon of possibilities. The days of long waiting until servers are provisioned and configured have been replaced with practically instant virtual machine access and pay-as-you-go compute resources.

With virtual development and test environments, your team can redefine the meaning of agile, delivering applications to your customers faster, solving problems as they arise, and increasing the quality and stability of your code. No matter the size of your team, Microsoft Azure gives you the power and scalability to create a virtual production and test environment that improves your efficiency, making it easier to create applications that hit all your benchmarks and milestones.

This guide covers the essentials to launching a dev/test environment in the cloud, and helps ensure that your QA processes are seamlessly integrated with application development.

The reality of an efficient, modern dev/test environment is well within your grasp. Read on to learn more.

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