ZDNet Big Data priorities 2013

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Topic: Data Management
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Big data stories have been all over business and tech media for the past 12 months, but how many businesses are exploiting big data capabilities to support their everyday operations? Not very many, according to recent research by ZDNet. While many businesses see the potential of analytics and big data, only 12% say they’re currently exploiting it to its full potential. ZDNet’s research, fielded in October and November 2012, was designed to uncover the reality of analytics and big data usage and test whether the hype had some substance. The survey attracted 596 responses from a range of industries and organization sizes. One of the key objectives of the study was to identify the usage of analytics generally, and of big data specifically. Key findings include: 47% of businesses use analytics in everyday decision-making and business processes; most of these businesses use traditional analytics tools such as data warehouses and OLAP enquiry tools; only 10% of organizations currently use big data technologies in their analytics initiatives. The research tells us to expect major growth in analytics and big data in 2013: Around one-fifth of business will start using analytics for the first time, and the use of big data technologies will triple to around 30% of organizations. While 2013 is predicted to be a year of big data growth, many organizations have challenges to overcome, especially in building an analytics culture, in attracting and retaining data science skills, and in sourcing and integrating the most valuable data. To learn more about how businesses are tackling their big data and analytics challenges, download ZDNet’s Big Data Priorities 2013 research study, sponsored by Dun & Bradstreet.

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