9 cool objects from the Internet of Things

Lynx smart grill

The oft-discussed Internet of Things (IoT) includes everything from smart grills to light bulbs and slow cookers. Here are some of the coolest things that make up the IoT.

The aforementioned smart grill is seen above.  The Lynx Concept Grill is voice-activated and it automatically cooks foods based on user commands. The perfect medium-rare steak is now an option.

Operation of the concept grill is driven by a fly-by-wire system that connects to the ignition and burners via an automated system that makes recipes that have been pre-programmed by Lynx's grillers. It's supposed to hit the market sometime in 2015.

Image: Lynx


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Jow Below
Jow Below

She failed to mention in the article how the NSA is able to tap into these "smart" devices to monitor what's going on in a person's home.  That after all, along with SmartMeters is the entire purpose of these devices.  4th Amendment violating surveillance.

But heck!  If you allow these devices into your home, you've voluntarily forfeited your rights.


bobcglewis, I agree! Do we really need apps/applications that do so much for us that true art is lost? To many people, barbecuing is an enjoyable form of relaxation to be enjoyed with those who will consume the food. If all you have to do is tell it what to do (sheesh, ya don't even hafta push a flippin' button!) what's the point?


Looking at voice-controlled Lynx (et al)  it seems techno-victims are getting too lazy to wipe their arses these days.  I'm just waiting for that app to be launched!