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Desktop wallpaper: Eclipses

Crescent sunset in Manila Bay, 2009

Crescent sunset in Manila Bay, 2009.

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In direct reference to "Solar eclipse and International Space Station" it's NOT the space station, ...... it's the Canadian Flag on the sun, note the maple leaf in the middle of the two verticle bars, the colour (note the "u" in colour) is normally red but it doesn't show up well with the filters used on the camera. The Canada Arm on the Shuttle placed it on the sun early in the shuttle program. Canada claimed the sun for the good of mankind to provide great summers forever. Without the sun, you couldn't have a great canadian beer on a hot day, and we like our beers eh! So next time you have a beer on a hot day, toast Canada eh! Oh, and I thought I should mention we are also the ones trying to get Marijauna legalized, it's pretty good stuff, trust me eh!


Not only the Eclipse, but I like the Memorial Day Pic the most ! I just wish changing these on my HP desktop Window 7 was faster and easier, I know its easier than it used to be, but the process needs to be refined,, anyone know of any apps out there??